Minimalistic platformer made for 101 hours game jam. Game contains 18 short levels and minimalistic graphics.

Game jam themes were Doors, Grave-ity and The game menu is the first level which this game is loosely following.

Made with Godot game engine.

Music is from Mega game music collection (gamedevmarket/humble bundle)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Godot


sides.exe 57 MB


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Great game! last level was a snack B)

Good stuff! Like a lot of other people, I'm going to complain about the controls, but with a different suggestion.

Since this game requires no mouse input, just all the movement keys to WASD, and then give J and K to jump and use respectively. This splits controls in the normal patter (left hand movement, right hand other stuff). Then you don't have to worry about controls getting in the way of each other.

Thank you for your feedback. I agree that controls ended up being bit awkward.

Nice work! I really enjoyed the difficulty curve and the way you introduced more components.  It was however, a little tricky trying to press the e key while moving, and so I had to awkwardly have my right hand on the left side of the keyboard. Other than that, amazing job and I especially enjoyed the way the final level made me think.  Although I think I found an alternative way to solve it, I think that just makes it all the more interesting!


Hello again! I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I featured your game again in today's video! 

Awesome game! I found your game through the 101 hours jam, and ended up featuring it on my YouTube channel! 

Thanks, great to hear that you enjoyed it. Nice reviews!

Amazing concept, but unfortunately I played on a laptop, and it doesn't have a mechanical keyboard. Jumping using spacebar is fine, but it constantly eats inputs like [A + E] or [D + E]. This, combined with gravity-based acceleration and narrow blue doors, makes a lot of the precision-based jumps borderline impossible. My only work-around was letting go of D/A for as short a time-frame as possible, otherwise I wouldn't make it to the next platform.

The levels are short enough that adding a death counter and a timer would encourage speedruns and no-death runs, though. Replayability is definitely here!

Thanks for feedback. Death counter and timer is really good idea!

Nice game. Difficult to time the 'e' for the blue switch (detection area is really small) but it is all good since there are infinite lives and short levels. Love, the simplicity. 5 stars for Graphics!

10/10  sliding around as a tiny box never felt smoother

cant wait to see what else you release

p.s. your jumps are nasty

You like watching ppl suffer? haha :) those reverse jumps in the mid air are some next lvl evil... great game!

Awesome ! :D

really cool! i like the gameplay, it's really good made levels, and the simple style and sounds matches perfect!

but i have the problem, that when you move, you can't interact with the door

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Thank you very much for feedback. With which doors did you have problem with?

the gravity doors and the on/off-platforms doors